*Bill’s Red 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 NA

The above photo is of my second acquired and lone remaining red 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 NA and yes, it’s named “Zaney-Red”. And yes, that’s a genuine USMC Car-Touring-Badge in the Center of the Stainless Mesh Grill

I’m Zoomer-Bill and I purchased my first red 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 NA #1  on May 1, 1997 On that day, it already had mileage of 65,737 miles.   As of  it’s  February 11, 2012  sale-date , it’s total miles were 156,636. I acquired my “second” red 1991 Miata MX-5  NA  #2   from a very good friend, with only 57,236 miles on it, on September 8, 2011; it had 8,501  fewer miles on it than was on my first red ’91 MX-5 NA  #1  when I bought it. Notice that my “second”  red  ’91 MX-5  NA #2  had 99,400  fewer miles on it on it at acquisition  than my first  red ’91 MX-5 NA #1 on it’s sale-date!  Confused yet?  I sometimes called my first Miata, my “Widdle-Wed-Wocket”. I’ve named my second Miata “Zaney-Red”, after my-very-good-friend and fellow Miata-phile,  Zane, who “passed it on” to me.

My  MX-5  NA  #1 was “SOLD”  via “Craig’s List”,  Saturday, February 11, 2012. For five months + 3 days,  I con-currently owned both  Miatas !  Today, I’m happily back to only one.  From my first day behind the wheel of my first Miata until now, I’ve been  behind the wheel(s) of  a “Miata” (tho not, the same Miata) for a total span exceeding 17+ years as a proud and happy “Miataphile” The fore-going is set forth as my record of these events for posterity.

I’m still tweaking the upholstery around the Roll-Bar. Lastly (hehe) the car has been completely detailed on the exterior which included touch-up paint and waxing.  I hope to soon take photos of it ad-nauseum to be posted on my car’s own blog; here!.  All of the above has only served to bring this ’91 MX-5 NA #2 up to the exact level (and beyond!) of the now departed ’91 MX-5  NA #1; less those crucial 99,400 fewer miles. Well worth all of these months and several dollars.

The above photo is of  ’91 MX-5 NA #2 Several more are now in the Albums & More page of this blog. Over-time, I’ll move along the wish-list (below)  for a few more modifications as well as maintenance.  I’ll be sure to  feature those on this blog, as we go.   ’91 MX-5  NA #2 has truly become & will   doubtlessly remain my “dream-car”! 

I’m a “retro” kind of a guy and expect this car to be the last in my succession of  the  four “red-sports-cars” in my life. My two 1991 Miatas have blended into a beautiful blurr in my minds-eye and into a single-evolved car with which I’ve bonded  with for the last 19+ years. It has undergone an extensive “make-over” which just happens to have included it’s odometer and vin#! So, as of now and forever-more, I’ve “dropped the “#2” appellation. Once again, it’s simply just “Zaney-Red”, my “Miata”, which I might also have sometimes referred to it’s predecessor as,

My “Widdle-Wed-Wocket”

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If my calculations are correct, and I have it on the very good authority of my Navigator Junebug,  that it should all work out just about right as we eventually slide into that last glorious sunset  and on into  that very last twisty-curvey.

My intention is to drive it for the rest of my life into that very last  sunset; definitely “top-down”, on into eternity

We’re clearly over the hump; but, there’s “always going to be more”!

Follow my blog for more up-dates and possibly some photo-updates in the  future.

“Happy Trails”  to you  from “Zoomer-Bill”, “Navigator-Junebug” and “Zaney-Red”

Thanks for being one of our 6,000+ Visitors so far

Zoom on,     Bill

“Zoomer-Bill”  driving “Zaney-Red”

Some of My Personal Favorite Miata Mottos:

“Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just enough!”

“If your Miata’s top is not down, that storm outside had better have a name!”

“If, it calls itself a “sports-car” and isn’t a “rag-top”, it’s a waste of everyone’s time!”

“As Miata-Drivers, we have the same wind in our faces as does that old-****  in his Ferrari!”

(Send Your Personal Favorite Miata Related Quote to:  zoomer@woh.rr.com)

Yet Another Miataphile’s Quote:        

“Enough with the politically correct electric ‘cars’ !!

For the true enthusiast, an automobile must provide

a living and breathing, visceral experience. Regardless

of cold, raw performance numbers, a vehicle that does

not deliver the music, vibration, and aromas of an

internal-combustion engine is and always will be

nothing more than a golf cart.” John Biel, Lakewood CA

My “Sort-of-Short- Wish-List”

(must all be practically free!)

*Wire Wheels

*Decent Red Hard-top

*Red Front and Rear Mud-Guards

*Black Leather-like Seat Covers

*Stainless or Chromed Foot-Pedals



(donations of any of the above items will be most appreciated….hehe)

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2 responses to “*Bill’s Red 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 NA

  1. Well congratulations on your beautiful new #2 Red. It’s gorgeous. I’ll bet it was kind of fun having two for awhile, wasn’t it?

    I have two now, and when I was restoring NAs I might have as many as 6 or 7. You can look at some of my cars on my website and the two I kept.. Your car is as beautiful as any of mine ever were, that’s for sure. I would have bought it in a heatbeat. And mine were, well, gorgeous? I love it everytime I spot a shiny red one. Makes me smile.

    • Teresa: Thanks for the “profs” and “same backatcha”!! We’re thinking on the same page. I’m not a mechanic either but my son-in-law is! We also have a great Tech-Master(s) in our Miami Valley Miata Club. Now I’m thinking that I need the re-shifter-boot too. I’m going to peruse your site and peek at the new book too.

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